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30 August, 2018 By Laguna Beach Vibe

There’s much truth in the phrase “comic relief”, and face it, we all need more laughter in our lives. For two Lagunatics it’s no joke when it comes to producing comedy shows. Ed Steinfeld hosts an evening of yuks at Laguna Beach Brewery and Grille September 26th at 8pm and Lynn Epstein will be bringing her comic posse dubbed “Hilarious” to No Square Theatre on Sept. 22nd. Here’s a look into their amusing minds:

Q. When did your humor reveal itself?

A.  Lynn: As a kid, I enjoyed when other people laughed…it seemed inviting. I liked being a part of the fun and making fun happen.

A.  Ed: Around the dinner table as a child…Everyone in my family was extremely funny…it’s where I learned about timing, and first became addicted to the laughter of others.

Q. Where does the inspiration for material come from?

A. Lynn: The voices in my head.

A.  Ed: Mostly, my own personal experiences, relationships, the ridiculous patterns of human behavior and our fear of addressing them. I find now that political material, (unfortunately for the world, but great for me) almost writes itself.

Q. Is there anything in your comedy that is off limits?

A.  Lynn: I like to take the audience on a journey away from their stress and troubles, so I stay away from negative material like politics.

A. Ed: No.

Q. What led you to produce a comedy showcase?

A.  Lynn: I was performing all over CA, but my friends were too lazy to leave Laguna Beach, so I had to start a room locally to get them to come! I think it was 1998 when I started the comedy shows at Laguna Beach Brewing Company (now Skyloft). It lasted for 7 years until the building got sold.

A.  Ed: The desperate need for stage time. Playing the circuit, there’s very little opportunity to get more than 5 minutes of stage time. I discovered many comedians (including myself) were funny enough to support 10, 15 or more minutes of a show. I operate the most unique show in the region, offering comics the opportunity to deliver COMPLETE sets. It’s why I call it a SHOWCASE. 

Q. What is the criteria for selecting comedians?

A.  Lynn: You mean besides being funny? Since comedy is subjective, my goal was always to put together a line up of comics that expressed a different point of view that audiences would find entertaining and new. I always scouted the talent I booked. For my shows, the comics had to have experience and not just trying out new material. Plus, the comics I selected needed to respect my audience as well.  

A. Ed: BE FUNNY. Don’t be a hack.

Q. What’s next on the comedic horizon? 

A. Lynn: It’s been 10 years since I have appeared in a Lagunatics and people have been asking, "When are you going to do comedy again?" Now I can say, "Saturday September 22nd at No Square Theatre."

A. Ed: In the near future, I’m planning on filming the Halloween showcase, and pitching that show to NETFLIX. Then, making my family laugh around the dinner table…full circle.


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