How to Be Happy During the Holidays

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30 November, 2018 By Maria Lupita

Our souls naturally crave joy. However, without being intentional, this world of ours can easily seduce us into ignoring plans or actions that nurture and make us happy.

As an example, residents within my condominium community recently had to vacate our homes for a time while an inconvenient fumigation project was undertaken. I chose to maximize those days at Hotel Joaquin in Laguna Beach. It was a beautiful time. Reinhardt, the hotel’s general manager, made sure I was treated like family. At the same time, Ruth — a lovely woman in charge of making everything beautiful — made sure that the staff also gave guests such as myself the space needed to carry on the semblance of normal life.

And while I was working the entire time, I had time to appreciate the glorious, aromatic food that Chef Leo Bongarra prepared. It was like being in heaven. And every morning, I was brought fresh-brewed coffee and turmeric tea in this unpretentious, yet luxurious magical setting. This made my quiet time with my Bible an awesome experience, and upon awakening each day, my heart was at ease and feeling loved.

What I did was make the unfortunate circumstance of being booted from my home and dealing with fumigation issues into a magical breathtaking experience that I am likely to remember for the rest of my life. But I had to make the decision to do so — and then, make it so. That’s a far cry from a period of my life when I believed that if it’s not IN my calendar, it is NOT IN my life.

So, this holiday season, when loneliness, stress, or any other unwanted emotions appear to be robbing you of your peace, ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. What can I do to turn this into a blessing?
  2. Name just three things for which I am grateful
  3. What would make today great?
  4. What positive and affirming “I am” statement(s) — such as I am at peace,I am working on my health, or I am beautiful— can I give voice to and own?

By writing these Four Basic Steps in a daily journal, you can rewire your brain to start looking for the good in the midst of chaos, depression or darkness. Your soul will be transported into an experiential moment that will help you create an innate sense of calm.

Note: If you find value in this advice, I would love to read your feedback and comments. Or to receive more information about what I am proposing — including the science behind it or how to do the Four Basic Steps — feel free to contact me.

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About the Author: Maria Lupita [949-415-8590is a Laguna Beach, Calif.-based happiness lifestyle coach. Follow her on Twitter at @MariaLupitaOrg or on Instagram at @MariaLupita11.

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Gilbert Alba
Laguna Beach
Happy during the Holidays

Good article. Challenges or set backs are things that are there to prepare us for better things in then future. Well done!

November 2018

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