Happy Hours in Laguna

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06 April, 2019 By Laguna Beach Vibe

230 Forest Avenue - CLICK FOR REVIEW (Mon.- Fri.)
230 Forest Ave.
(949) 494-2545

Avila’s El Ranchito (Mon.- Fri.)
1305 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 376-7040

Carmelita’s (Mon.- Fri.)
217 Broadway St.
(949) 715-7829

Central (Tues.- Sat.)
361 Forest Ave.
(949) 715-0801

C’est La Vie (Mon.- Fri.)
373 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 627-4316

Driftwood Kitchen Stateroom Bar (Mon.- Thurs.)
619 Sleepy Hollow Lane
(949) 715-7700

GG’s Bistro (Mon.- Fri.)
540 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 494-9306
Happy Hour Menu

Gu Ramen (Mon.- Fri.)
Tapas, Beer, Sake, Wine
907 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 715-0825

Harvest at The Ranch (Mon.- Sat.)
31106 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 715-1376

Hennessey’s Tavern (Mon.- Fri.)
$5 Food and Drink Specials
213 Ocean Avenue
(949) 494-2743

Lumberyard - CLICK FOR REVIEW (Mon.- Fri.)
384 Forest Ave.
(949) 715-3900

McClain Cellars - CLICK FOR REVIEW (Mon.- Fri.)
849 Laguna Canyon Road
(949) 590-9980

NEApolitan Pizzeria & Birreria (Mon.- Fri.)
31542 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 499-4531

Oak (Mon.- Fri.)
1100 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 940-3010

Reunion Kitchen + Drink (Mon.- Fri.)
4-pm-6pm (Fri. & Sat. 9:30pm-close, Sun. 12pm-2pm)
610 N. Coast Hwy.
(949) 226-8393

Royal Hawaiian (Wed.- Sun.)
331 N. Coast Hwy.
(949) 715-1470

Sapphire Laguna (Mon.- Fri.)
1200 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 715-9888

Slice (Mon.- Fri.)
477 Forest Ave.
(949) 715-3993

Skyloft (Mon.- Fri.)
3pm-6pm (Mon. 3pm-close) (Sun.- Wed. 10pm-close)
422 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 715-1550

The Cliff Restaurant (Mon.- Fri.)
3pm-6pm, ALL day Wednesday
577 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 494-1956

The Rooftop (Mon.- Fri.)
1289 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 497-2446

Tommy Bahama - CLICK FOR REVIEW (Mon.- Fri.)
Half Off! Beer, Wine, Cocktails
400 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 376-6886

Watermarc (Mon.- Fri.)
3:30pm-5:30pm (excluding holidays)
448 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 376-6272

Brussels Bistro (7 days a week)
222 Forest Ave.
(949) 376-7955

Coyote Grille (7 days a week)
3pm-6pm (3pm-9pm Tues.)
31621 S. Coast Hwy. South Laguna
(949) 499-4033

Dizz’s As Is - CLICK FOR REVIEW (Tues. - Sun.)
2794 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 494-5250

Harley (7 days a week)
Daily 4pm-6pm & Fri & Sat. 10pm-11pm
370 Glenneyre St.
(949) 715-1530

Harvest at The Ranch (7 days a week)
4pm-8pm (on the patio)
31106 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 715-1376

K’ya Bistro (7 days a week)
1287 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 376-9718

Main Street Bar and Cabaret (Tues. - Sun.)
1460 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 494-0056

Mozambique (7 days a week)
Mon.- Fri. 3pm-6pm, Sat. & Sun. 3pm-5pm
1740 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 715-7777

Nirvana Grille - CLICK FOR REVIEW (7 days a week)
5pm-close (bar only)
Late Bites 9-11pm, Dance Party Fri. 80s & Sat. Latin, 10:30pm-1am
303 Broadway St.
(949) 497-0027

OC Craft Gastro Brew Pub - CLICK FOR REVIEW (7 days a week)
237 Ocean Ave.
(949) 497-3381

Okura (7 days a week)
858 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 793-4320

Romeo Cucina (7 days a week)
249 Broadway St.
(949) 497-6627

Ruby's Diner (7 days a week)
30622 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 497-7829

Starfish "Opium Hour" (7 days a week)
30832 S. Coast Hwy.
(949) 715-9200

San Shi Go (Mon.- Thurs.) 
1100 S. Coast Hwy. 
(949) 494-1551

Laguna Beach Beer Company (Mon.- Fri.)
859 Laguna Canyon Rd.
(949) 715-0805


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